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Spring brings pedals

May 6, 2008

Springtime is for lovers and I am in love. Sure with my wife, child, and Creator but now I’m adding guitar pedals to the list. Being a predominantly acoustic player I rarely get a chance to use effect pedals except when I tune my guitar. However, on a Friday afternoon I found myself in the studio and inspired. I am working on a mix for a full band Jonathan Rundman song and he gave me carte blanc to add some tracks. At first I went down my obvious road of mandolin and I got slightly risky with a wierd motorized harmonium thing that a buddy gave me.

But then Jonathan left an email asking me to incorporate “some of those boops and beeps sounds” I got when Welaware backed him up at one of his gigs (at aforementioned gig, I had brought my laptop as Jonathan’s drummer Troy was playing the skins and is a much better drummer than I am). So I began exploring what boops and beeps were needed for the JR the tune. I didn’t have the same plugin I had used before so I dug up some samples and turned to one of the greatest effects pedals ever made… the Line6 DL4.

I started with a turntable scratch sample (which you can hear at the beginning or the upcoming mp3) and ran it through the pedals and ended up with one of the most entrancing things I think I’ve ever created.

Listen for yourself. The first thing you hear is the turntable scratch sample slightly effected then, after a slight pause, you hear the end result.

Record Scratch Line6 effect

Man, I could listen to that cricket-like sound at the end for days. I think I actually get a little sad when it stops. Move over folk I’m headed to trance music.