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If Jesus was a rock star he sure wouldn’t get put on the radio

Jul 10, 2008

Welaware played a city picnic recently and man did we melt people’s faces off with summertime rock n’ roll.  We hadn’t played in a while, which isn’t always a bad thing.  Songs were new again.  And since Nate let his 4-year-old daughter pick the set list many of the songs were new again for the first time.  But Justin and I straped on out thinking boots (like Matt Marohl) and got to rocking.

The highlight for me was the large turn out of (what I assume are) homeless folks.  They were a blast.  One guy, with just one tooth, kept raving how great we were.  Another guy (a Kenny Rogers look a like) told me I was the best drummer he ever saw… and no, he wasn’t drunk.  But my favorite one was a lady (I’ll call her wolf shirt) couldn’t stop dancing and always yelled for more at the end of every song.  But the best part about wolfie was she would grab people from the audience and get them to dance with her.  At one point she had about 15 high school kids dancing with her and later 5, or so, elderly folks.  I’ll admit I was slightly uncomfortable when she started doing Uma-Thurman-like moves in our very close proximity, but all in all it was awesome to have folks generally loving us and our music.  I think Welaware has discovered our target audience.