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September song

Oct 1, 2008


As promised in a previous post I have recorded one of the songs I’ve written from the month of September.  Simply titled Lullaby(e).  I “penned” this repetitive tune whilst in the rocking chair of my son’s room at 2 AM trying to get him back to sleep.  What keeps drawing me back to this tune is while I was singing it I had to transition from 3/4 to 4/4 and back.  It only sounded “right” when I did that and I’ve never heard a kids song do that yet.  Maybe I’m on to something.  Enjoy!

Quick update: This was my first time doing a quick and dirty demo with GarageBand.  I used the computer mic and mic mixed and mastered with it.  It sounds like poo!  A craftsman never blames his tool… but a musician blames his computer.  I will hopefully have my Pro Tools rig back up soon.