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10/365 – In that very same spot

Jan 13, 2010

10/365 – In that very same spot

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

I tried not to put the kiddos in the 365, but two things about this picture changed that. One, it was a good shot. Actually, the best one of the day.

Two, it struck me that he was born in that exact same spot a little over 6 months ago… in our living room.

We hadn’t planned on a homebirth, but he had other plans. Thanks to our very skilled doula, and a Mom that embraced the change, this little guy came into the world in the very same spot he is sitting… still blows my mind when I think back to it.

Strobist info: sb600 through a ringflash at 1/64 power.

Uploaded by Micah Taylor on 10 Jan 10, 9.10PM CST.