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6/365 – Lightbox on the bus goes?

Jan 13, 2010

6/365 – Lightbox on the bus goes?

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

I quickly made a lightbox today but in my haste missed some key points from the ideal. I forgot to cover all of the inside with white or reflective duct tape and forgot to have either on the top part of the box. So it’s no where near as even as it should be. Also I made a cardinal sin of not double checking my settings before shooting and shot at 400 ISO and used my 35mm lens. Not ideal for this type of shot. But considering I made the box, took and edited pics, and still got dinner on the table when the fam I got home makes me proud enough.

Setup pic here.

Strobist info: SB600 camera right through homemade lightbox at at 1/4 power triggered by PW2.

Uploaded by Micah Taylor on 6 Jan 10, 10.07PM CST.