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15/365 – Light at the end of the obsession

Jan 15, 2010

15/365 – Light at the end of the obsession

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

I think I may have over done it on this picture. While playing trains with the 2yo, I had the idea for the “light at the end of the tunnel” pic.

A sb600 at 1/64 power at the end of the tunnel and blowing out the light at the end with a wide aperature. Sadly the tunnel was too short and I either got a totally blown out pictre or a picture of a flash unit sitting on toy train tracks… not very useful (get it? If you’ve read as many Thomas books as I have then you got it.).

So I bracketed a few shots, comped in Photoshop, and learned a valuable lesson today… when to drop your grand idea and make the best picture you can in the time you have, while getting as close to your original vision as possible… now that’s useful indeed.

Strobist info: sb600 at 1/64 poineted at camera and triggered by PW2.

Uploaded by Micah Taylor on 15 Jan 10, 10.07PM CST.