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22/365 – Orange you glad?

Jan 22, 2010

22/365 – Orange you glad?

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

My lovely, scrapbookin’ wife is making an alphabet photo book for our 2yo to continue to learn his ABCs and is encouraging me in my 365 to fill in the gaps of pictures we need. The best/hard part is she wants 3 different pictures for each letter. So, for instance, for “O” we already have a picture of the 2yo’s “O”ma (German for Grandma… my Mom), but still have 2 slots to fill. TO THE KITCHEN!

I gathered up the “o”ranges we had and even let the 2yo help by eating one so we could have orange carnage (would that be oarnage?) in the pic. I got out the homemade lightbox and grabbed the tinfoil and foil tape and got to improving.

I’m really happy with the light (little sad about the WB) but I got hung up on 2 things. First, I was trying to get everything in the picture really sharp, but even at f22 had some blur. Meh? TO THE INTERNET! Ah crud, I forgot to think about distance of my camera. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Secondly, my brain hurts from staring at these oranges. I obsessed over the color again and again. I did a lot of messing around in post only to come back to the original pic with just a little sharpening. *sigh* Learning is fun.

Strobist info: sb600 at 1/2 power camera left thru homemade lightbox triggered by PW2.