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50/365 – Chicken Lady

Feb 19, 2010

50/365 – Chicken Lady

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

Really loving this new light setup. It’s very fast to setup and tear down, so I looked for another reason to set it up tonight.

Digging through the 2yo’s toy box I came across the Chicken Lady. This always reminds me of this past Halloween. I took the 2yo out for his first Trick-or-Treat experience. One of the first house we went to a lady in a paper mache chicken head over her head and wrapped in sting lights answered the door with a loud “cockadoodleDOO!” The 2yo handled it well and asked about her for days. Shortly after the wife found the above chicken lady and the legacy continues.

Strobist info: sb600, camera right, triggered by pocket wizard reflected into a 5-in-1 reflector above camera.