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52/365 – the boys

Feb 21, 2010

52/365 – the boys

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

I’m sure most folks who have 2 boys have a picture frame that says “the boys”. We are no exception. Currently the aforementioned frame has a stock photo of 2 cute boys… that aren’t our cute boys. So today, a nice late Minnesota winter day, I bundled up the boys for a walk and armed myself with the intent to rid ourselves of the stock-pic-boys. Too bad my 2yo was not interested in having me shove the camera in his face, yet again. So I simply asked if he’d give his baby bro a “smooch” and fired away. Success! Move over stock-pic-boys! Here comes something cuter.

Photo know how: I totally regret having my aperture dialed wide open on this shot. The 7mo has one sharp eye and one blurry. This is one instance when the pic trumps the technical, but I will forever look at this pic and wish I had dialed it down to f4 instead of f1.8. *sigh*