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65/365 – Young bokeh eyes

Mar 6, 2010

65/365 – Young bokeh eyes</p>

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor
With 2 showings on the house today, the fam hit the town (St Paul).

Our passes to the Children’s Museum are worth every penny. The kids have a great time and the place is bathed in great light for pics. I decided to rock the 50mm f1.8, which for my camera, is manual focus. I kept missing the sharp eyes I was working for but the boys we’re extra cute which made up for my lack of focus… ha, no pun intended.

I kept the aperture at 1.8 because any ISO above 400 makes the bokeh grainy, which makes me sad. Even 400 can get a little grainy for my taste. I like me some smooth, buttery bokeh.