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120/365 – hi low diptych

Apr 30, 2010

120/365 – hi low diptych

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

We try to remember to go around the dinner table and ask each person their low point of the day and the high point of their day. For me the high was 3 fold: calibrating my monitor, installed the cs5 trial, and date night with my lovely wife. Low was the fact that we took our house off the market and the realization that a lot of construction is to come. So, if that’s my low then life is good.

Hey, let me know which one you prefer. I couldn’t decide so I went with the faithful diptych.

Strobist info: sb28 at 1/16 power shot through a Coco ringflash camera bottom left. sb600 at 1/2 power with a stofen omni-bounce behind me (this didn’t fire on the bottome shot). Triggered by pocket wizards.