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165/265 – Greg Boyd

Jun 14, 2010

165/265 – Greg Boyd

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

I took some shots today of, Senior Pastor of Woodland Hills, for the (soon to be updated) Woodland Hills site. It was a blast!

The idea was to get shots of GB preaching on a regular Sunday morning. The only problem is, because of his high tendency to get distracted, he can only shoot him from the wings of the stage or in the back of the (very large) auditorium. So Charlie and Jim (the communication folks at WHC) setup a time for Boyd to do some staged preaching and he came through smashingly.

My goal was to stay out of the way, capture everything he did, and not make it seem like I was staging the lights. All in all it came out just as planned. My only regret was that I spaced on the CTO in the key light. Oh well mistakes are for learning.

Special thanks to Jim for being the voice activated light stand and Charlie for distracting Boyd with strange theological questions.

Strobist info: sb900 at 1/4 power through 28-inch ezbox softbox camera. Triggered via manual CLS.</a>