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168/365 – You, me, and G.I. Joe

Jun 17, 2010

168/365 – You, me, and G.I. Joe

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

The 2yo actually took a nap today which meant bedtime would be late. So I had to take a shot with him playing while his Mom got his 11mo brother to sleep.

With nothing peaking my creativity I asked my son, “what should Dada take a picture of?” To which he replied,”You, me, and G.I Joe.” How do you say no to that?

The 2yo visited his Grandpa and Grandma today and came home with “G.I. Joe”. Not the Joe I remembered growing up with but it is still a great American Hero.

Go Joe!

And since “knowing is half the battle” – Strobist info: sb900 at 1/4 power with 1/4 CTO gel shot through a 28” softbox to camera right. sb600 throught 1/4 grid camera left and behind subject. Triggered via manual CLS.