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220/365 – Exercise in discipline

Aug 8, 2010

220/365 – Exercise in discipline

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

I’m pretty sure today is the first day in, 220 days, that I have had no desire, what so ever, to take and post a picture as part of the 365 project.

Some friends came over with an Oberon keg and I snapped this pic on top of the pizza box and said “I’m sure that’s good enough”. And it’s not. It’s out of focus, over-processed, the color is off, I had to align it correctly in post, and the subject (although taste beer) is crap.

But here’s what my beautiful wife helped me to realize. The fact that I took and posted a picture is a major accomplishment unto itself. I have continually failed in my life to set a plan, put it in motion and accomplish it. Multiple times. Today’s picture is a watershed. It takes nothing to quit but everything to continue.

So I raise my Oberon solo cup to you fellow 365ers (and others in pursuit of becoming a disciple) and encourage you (and me) to carry on. Keep moving because even a step forward in crap is still a step forward.