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302/365 – Tuners

Oct 29, 2010

302/365 – Tuners

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

I spent a great afternoon with my buddy Gregg. We talked music, we listened to music, we drank beer, ate pizza, listened to more music… therapy …. not to be confused with Therapy?

He asked me to do some product shots for his latest Ebay posts. Check out these sweet, original tuners for a Gibson SG! I’ll put up a link to the Ebay post once I know it.

Strobist info: bare sb900 and sb600 at 1/4 power shot into a homemade (by Gregg) lightbox. Triggered via manual CLS. See setup shot below (yep, sitting on top of a vintage Rhodes in front of a vintage, reel to reel… awesome!).