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336/365 – Advent

Dec 2, 2010

336/365 – Advent

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

I have fond memories around Advent growing up in a German-American Lutheran family. Every night when we’d sit down at the table for dinner, my Mom would light the candles needed. After the meal my brother and I would try to be the first to blow it out. Then he and I would lean close to the extinguished candle and dip our finger in the hot wax. Sitting back we’d feel the hot pain subside while the liquified wax returned to it’s solid state but now in the contoured form of our finger.

My 3yo and 1yo are fascinated by this new table companion. The 3yo loves to try and blow out the candle. When he succeeds, sometimes with a little help from his Mom or myself, his younger brother exclaims from his highchair, “Mo! Mo!” while using his fingers to sign, “More please!” This brings me great joy to see what was once a tradition in my childhood family integrate into my own. I do think, however, I’ll hold off on showing my boys the wax trick and leave it to their uncle to show then that one… someday.

Strobist info: sb900 with full CTO at 1/32 power through a 28″ Ezybox softbox to camera right. Triggered via Pocket Wizards