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365/365 – Card trick

Dec 31, 2010

365/365 – Card trick

Originally uploaded by Micah Taylor

Of all the things I look forward to in the new year, spending more time with my wife is number 1.

The majority of my processing and posting for the 365 took place in the evening after the boys were asleep. That is quality time with my wife I am missing out on. Thanks for all your support, hon, and thanks for throwing cards in my face. A great way to ring in the new year. XO

Thanks to everyone else for your support. It was a blast sharing this project with you all and I look forward to sharing more pics with you soon… just not every day. How does weekly sound? Good? Good.

Blessings to you and yours in this new year.

Strobist info: sb900 at 1/16th power through a Coco ringflash. Triggered via manual CLS.